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 Brown Kitty Hello my serpent readers, this is :iconangel-rki: saying that i am still alive but struggling through life.

I am sorry for not being able to keep up with Queen of Serpents chapters due to the fact that i am dealing with a lot of things in my life currently. As you may know my family is a very abusive family and because of this i can't continue living like this therefore i am planing to move out of my parents house as soon as possible. onion sad 

I have just sacrificed going to college due to them paying for my education and on top of that i been very busy trying to make enough money and save enough money just to be able to rent an apartment. I hope that i can be one day free from my abusive and controlling parents and i hope that you all can understand my situation. Love The Sunshine 

As soon as this all clears up i hope that i can continue to write this great novel for all of you to enjoy. Wish me luck and hope that this will succeed in my end. kaomoji set 1 9/19 

Thank you for supporting me this far on my novels and i couldn't be able to write them without all of you. Because i am walking through a dark tunnel doesn't mean there will be light at the end of it. kaomoji set 2 31/67 

Beautiful was the only word I could think of at this moment. She was the love of my dreams and I felt like the luckiest King in all of Egypt.

In the moonlight, Lin was truly a sight to see up close. My eyes capture every part of her dazzling beauty as the smell of her blue lotus perfume made me forget everything around us.

“Are you deaf? I’ll ask again, who are you?” she begins to yell at me with an impatient voice.

I snap out of my daydream after hearing her voice and begin to chuckle to myself. How foolish of me to be standing here without addressing myself for she must have not realized it was me standing before her.

“What is so funny? Do you know who I am!” she yells again.
“I do know who you are dear princess. Your title is well known all throughout Egypt. But I am surprise you have forgotten who I am, my love.”

Her eyes widen after hearing my voice as I could see her eyes looking over my cloak. I could see her eyes stopping at my brooch and by then, I knew she had realized who was standing in front of her.

“No…it can’t be…” she whispers as I begin to take my hood and pull it back to reveal my face.

Her jaw drops as the dagger falls violently to the ground. Shock was written all over her face as she covers her mouth with her hands.  I could see tears forming in her eyes and I was pleased to see her reacting this way. I give her one of my half-smiles that I knew she remembered long ago.

“Aran...” she whispers as I step closer to her while feeling my heart warming to her voice.
“Lin, my love, I missed you dearly.” I tenderly say while stepping closer to her.

To my surprise, while I was stepping forwards she was stepping back from me as if I was scaring her but I only chuckle in response. I knew this wouldn’t last long for the pillar behind her was going to block her from stepping any farther.

“Aran…how did you—“

“Do you underestimate me my love? You are speaking to the strongest and the fastest king in the Serpent Kingdom. Going through your father’s guards was as easy as snapping the head off of a bird.” I reply back.

Her back finally hit the pillar as I press myself against her and hold her in my arms. Her perfume was only growing stronger with each step I took and I was going to lose my mind.

As soon as I wrap one of my arms around her waist, I could feel her slowly resisting me. L run my fingers in between hers and hold her hand as sparks of heat roll off our palms. I could hear her heart beating faster with each second pasting by with my heart try to follow after.  

We were looking into each other eyes and I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer. I lean my head over and press my lips against hers as I could feel the sparks and the warmth that came with it. I was lost and I could feel her knees weakening in my arm. I only held her tighter to me to deepen our kiss while she runs her fingers in my hair. It felt like an eternity with her in my arms and I couldn’t help but to feel like the happiest King alive. I had my lover in my arms and nothing could ruin this moment.  

I move my head back to take a breath as she was looking into my eyes. I knew she still loved me because I could see the longing for me in her eyes. I was in pure bliss as I knew the only thing that I had to do was take her into my palace and make her my wife for eternity.

“Lin, my love, come with me. I will take you back to my palace and we can finally be together. I can’t wait for you to be my queen.  Please, let us leave this place.” I tenderly whisper to her.
But all of a sudden that tenderness in her face begin to harden. I could see concern writing all over her face and I knew there was something wrong. I didn’t like it at all. What was concerning her that made her resistant to go with me?

“Aran…you can’t be here. If father finds out that—“
“Do you think I am afraid of that fool? He doesn’t even have a clue that his enemy—“
“I know you’re stronger than my father but I still can’t—“
“Why does it matter to you that I am here or not? Why are you resisting to go with me Lin?”

I knew she was avoiding my question and it made me very annoyed with more time passing by.

“I just care about you Aran. Why did it took you two years for you to—“
“Because I couldn’t come to you. My goddess and Rashida refused to let me see you because you were inexperienced and young. Your deities gave you back to your father so that I couldn’t see you while my goddess kept me busy with rebuilding my kingdom. Do you know how frustrating that was for me to know all of this? I almost went insane because of the nightmare that kept on haunting me every night and the lack of sleep I had each night!” I yelled at her as she cautiously looks at the palace before looking back at me. “I painfully miss you Lin and now that the goddess is in my favor again, nothing will take you away from me especially if it means claiming you as my queen!”

“Aran…” she whispers but it only made me even anger as I continue to yell at her.

“Do you not love me anymore, Lin? Did those two years made you fall in love with someone else? If it is so, I will find that fool and kill him myself! I can’t stand there and let another man take you away from me. You are mine and only mine!”

At this point, I could see the anger in her eyes before she balls her hand into a fist and yells back at me.

“You stupid, arrogant snake!  Of course I love you! Do you think I was enjoying myself with a bunch of men for those two years? I am not that foolish Aran and you know it! I spent most of my days studying in this stupid palace for my father while I long and hope for you to come each night. I wanted you to take me but you didn’t came. I waited days, weeks, months but only to be disappointed with nothing. Do you know how painful it was for me to lose hope in you? To feel heartbroken and lost without you? I couldn’t tell anyone other than Alex who could only see me once a month! I missed you so much that I lose my will to eat or even sleep and now I am in a deep hole with my brother thinking I love him each time I give him my fake smiles. You came to late Aran, my duty is to my father’s kingdom now.” She says as my heart shatters into pieces.

My blood boils in my veins and after hearing her denial, I could feel the pain in my heart. I could feel my eyes turning red while thinning out into my true Serpent Eyes. She begins to trembling in my arm for she knew what was going to happen next.

I squeeze her hand tighter in mine as she let out a painful cry in response. Who did she think she was talking to? Have she forgotten that I am still the most dangerous Naga King in all the lands? I will have to remind her of her place in front of me even if it means causing pain for her.

“Have you forgotten who I am princess? My title is still well-known and fresh in people’s mind and here you are yelling at me as if I am one of your worthless servant. You no longer have the power to control me nor can take away my power therefore if you continue to speak to me with that tone, you are asking for me to bring you to an early death.” I say in a deadly tone.

“Aran… please stop…you’re hurting me.” She whimpers but I ignored it and continue to yell at her.
“Have you forgotten your sacrifice Lin? You promised me that you would become a full blooded Nagi that will soon become my queen. You promised under your god and my goddess names that I would become your husband! What has made you so foolishly—“

“I was only sixteen years old Aran! You even said I was immature for that age!” she starts yelling at me while looking away.

I was furious to the point of breaking the pillar behind her but instead of doing so I grab the back of hair and pull her head up to look at me in the eyes. Instead of feeling fear, like I had expected, there were courage in them, something I knew years ago and I have not forgotten.

“No matter what age you were, you made a promise to me therefore I will make you keep that promise even if it means hurting you.  Like it or not, I will take you away from this palace and make you my queen. There is nothing you can do to stop me even if it means you will hate me once again.” I say as I could see the resistance in her.

I didn’t want it to end this way but this had to be done. If I did not make her fear me and force her to go with me, she would have refused to go back with me. I was not going to go back empty handed after how much work it took to get here.

There was silence between us until she finally speaks to me. But instead of the usually stubborn and feisty attitude that I had gotten used to, she just sighed and begin to show me a side of her I never knew was possible.

“Aran… I know how stubborn you can be but please, just for one day, let me try to reason with my father about this family feud. Maybe it is time for two kingdoms to unite once and for all.  Maybe I marry you in front of our families will end this hatred for our future sake. I can’t let our children grow in a time of hatred and bloodshed where one of them can die in the hands of an enemy kingdom. Please my love, I just ask you this one favor.” She was begging me to the point of my anger subsiding.

I was hesitant about her favor for I did not know if this was the time for my kingdom and her father’s kingdom to unite. I feared that she was speaking lies to me so that she could go to her father to kill me. But when I look into her eyes, I knew there were no lies in her words.

I knew when she had said “our children” that my heart begin to warm by the thought. It was no surprise a Naga King would desire an heir to the throne by his lover and I was no exception.  
Truly, I was also afraid for my children being born in the time of bloodshed and hatred. If this was the only way to stop this eternal war, I figure I would take the risk even knowing how dangerous this maybe for both of us.

I let go of her hair and her hand before stepping back from her. I run my hand in my hair and close my eyes to let out a sigh.  I couldn’t believe I was going to admit defeat and was going to leave this place empty handed but I figure it could be worse.

“Very well then, but just one day, that is all I can give you. However, if your father refuses to even acknowledge the alliance between our kingdoms, you are to report back to me and tell me how you want me to take you back to my palace. It must happen in the night and you must make your father realized that you had been killed.  Do you understand?” I order her as her face begin to turn pale.

“Aran, you’re asking for the impossible. Do you know that once my father knows I’m dead, that news will spread like wild fire! That means that news can spread all over your—“
“My people could care less about what happens in your kingdom. Rumors can spread but it never reaches as far as spreading into my Kingdom. As far as you are concern, you are safe as long as your plan works. If you cannot make a plan within the time I have given you, I make it and take you away myself.” I threaten her as she thin out her lips.
“I’ll do as much as I can Aran… I can’t promise you that things will work out with my father and me.”
“I don’t expect it to be Lin. Our hatred towards each other existed because the violent history your great grandfathers. But I am willing to put an end to it if your father only agrees to an alliance. Truly, I do not want any more of my family nor my people to be killed.”

In that very moment there was a smile on her face. I didn’t know why she was smiling at me but it caused my heart to warm by the sight of it.

“Is it me or is the all mighty and feared Naga King is softening for me.” She teases as I couldn’t help but to smile at her.
“Enjoy it while you can because it won’t last for long.”
“I figured much but it’s good to know there are others side of you that still makes us no different.”

I move my hand to caress her cheek as she leans forwards towards my touch while closing her eyes and smiling the most dazzling smile I had come to love.

“And soon you will be one of us.” I murmur to myself.

She begin to frown at me as I raise one of my eyebrows in response.

“Must I be a Nagi to rule the Kingdom with you, Aran?”
“If you want my people to become outrage and create a riot against us, than I suggest to come to me as how you are. Even as King of the Serpent Kingdom, even I cannot stop a horde of my people from hating your kind and wanting to kill you.”

I expected her to flinch in response but instead she only close her eyes and sigh.

“I figure there was no way of being your queen without a sacrifice of being a human.” She responds.
“Lin! Lin, my child, where are you?”  Her father calls as we flinch to his voice.
“Aran, I’m glad you came here to see me but you must leave now. If father find out that you are—“

Before she could finish, I press my lips on hers again as I could feel her weakening to my touch. She still loved me and I was glad it hadn’t changed for those two years. I step back to pull our lips apart before taking my hood and covering my face again.

“Remember I am only giving you one day. After, if you do not tell me if your plan, I will take you without your father realizing your go—“
“Alright alright, I get it!” she says as she shoves me back. “Go before I call my guards on you!”

I chuckled at her threat before turning around and walking quickly into the shadows. I was fortunate that as soon as I left, her father had come out from the palace to see his daughter standing there and smiling at him.

Now to do the plan in reverse as I quickly and silently through the streets without begin caught by any of the citizens in the kingdom. Efficiently, I was able to reach the river where my two Serpent Warriors chatted away as if there was no care in the world.

“Hey Ian, do you think he got her in time?” Seba asks.
“I wouldn’t doubt about it but it would be funny if the girl did fall in love with another man right in front of him.” Ian answers back.
“Ha! I would love to see how his face would look like if that were true. If only we could—“

I kick the boat to see it flip over as they both fell into the water with a large splash. I hated gossip even more when it was spoken behind my back. It amused me to see them fall into the river for if they saw how I came back empty handed they would tease me all the way back to the kingdom.

Their great and powerful Naga King, coming back empty handed would surprise them by no means.
Within a few minutes, the boat flips over with both of my Serpent Warriors giving me the death stare as I stand there with my arms cross and smiling at them. The best part about it was they couldn’t even lay a finger on me, even if they ever tired.

“Thank you for the big Introduction but the last time I remember, you were supposed to be with the girl.” Seba says as he hops onto the boat while soaking wet.

I shrug it off and see them glare at me as if their eyes could burn holes into me.

“Change of plans I guess. She wasn’t ready to leave yet.” I explain.
“Change of plans! We took all this time to get your stupid but over here and you come back empty handed and tell us you changed your mind!” Ian yells before hoping on the boat with Seba.
“Don’t tell me she found another man—“

This time I gave them a death stare as they flinch back before I hop on the boat with them.

“If she does find another man to love, I will snap him in half right in front of her. Both of you know I will in a heartbeat.” I say in a deadly voice as they both swallowed hard.

“So what really happened Aran?” Ian asks.
“I made an agreement with her that I would let her spend one more day with her family to try to convince him to have peace within our kingdoms.”
“But you know that is impossible! Our kingdoms has been in war with each other since the end of time!”
“I know Seba, but the agreement is done. She only has one day to do as we agreed to and if she fails, she will agree to be with me as my wife for eternity.”
After a few minutes, Seba sighs as he gets up and swing his arm to summon the wind.
“You may have made an agreement with her but you still have to explain it to your family.” He says
“I know... and I am trying to think a way to avoid them…especially my mother...” I groan as they begin to snicker at me.  

The boat begins to move again as we sail back to my kingdom. I turn my head to look back at the kingdom that held my future wife before it disappears from my sight.

How much longer do I have to wait my love?

Queen of Serpents (Chapter 4)
-moves out of my hiding spot and looks around- o.0

I am soooo Sorry for taking so long to write this chapter... College has been biting off so much of my time i couldn't touch this chapter until now.  Now a days I don't even know when i am going to upload my chapters now since Biology, History and English 2 already making me write so much.

I will try to continue to write this novel but I can't promise that I will finish it this year.... But back to the story. Aran has made an agreement to let Lin convince her father to make an alliance between the kingdoms. But will her father allow such a thing to happen? Find out in the next chapter!

Narrator: Aran

Please favorite and comment of you like the story ^w^ it helps me be motivated to keep on writing the story. Thank you!

Previous Chapter:  Queen of Serpents (Chapter 3)
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 Lovely Shoujo (Hi Hello) [V2] My Serpent readers, this is :iconangel-rki: saying that i am sooooo sorry that I am taking so long to write the next chapter of Queen of Serpents. I haven't stop wanting to write this chapter for all of you but so many distractions has cause me to stop writing the chapter. 

Mostly it is because my Toxic Parents are being a sore thorn in my life right now due to the fact that my Parents can't acknowledge that I want to be a Clinical Psychologist due to the fact that they don't see it as a financially unstable job/career. What i hate most about their reasoning behind it is not because it's not just  a "Financially Unstable Job" but they expect me to give them money to help them with "Retirement." 

That is a bunch of bull crap! Because of them, i wasn't able to go to one of the best university's because they invested a lot of money into their retirement and i can't pay for college! Not only that they blame on me for not being able to get scholarship for college and they use money against me as if they wasted of their money. 

I am  soo frustrated that it make me have writer's blocks because all i can think about is what more bull crap is my mother going to throw at me to change my career. But i am glad my goddess made me cross paths with my soulmate, and cleanse me of my three curses that three people had put on me. (one being my mother) and i am slowly taking control of my life and my career. 

As soon as all of this is cleared up, i will continue writing this novel that all of you love so much because its heartbreaking for me to see all my fans waiting for the next chapter that i am trying so hard to finishkaomoji set 2 43/67  Wish me Luck! kaomoji set 2 28/67 

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yeah yeah i know it's so Shakespearean for my title but meh x3 but Hello 1 Speech Bubble - Beemote Hello 2 Speech Bubble - Beemote Panda Emoji-28 (Hello Hi) [V2]  my Serpent Readers, it is your author and artist, :iconangel-rki: back from my nerve wrecking holiday. Panda Emoji-06 (Nap) [V1] 

Where was i? Well for those who had read my last chapter, some of you may know i have been on a cruise trip to the virgin islands for a week with 11 people from my family..... Was not fun at all...Ooooh 

Now for my thought on having membership for DA. I am glad that i was able to experience being  a member for 3 months but i feel that i do not need it.  It was fun while it lasted though and I can't be anymore grateful for it. But the whole reason why i created this account was to show my passion to others through either writing or art and i am happy to see that people also like them as well. 

I am currently writing Chapter 4 for Queen of Serpents and i hope when i finish,  it was worth the wait! 

Now i need to finish what i started, :bademoticon: !!!!!

“Aran! Are you even listening to me!” Alex yells as I fasten the brooch on my red cloak.
“Yes, I heard you for the hundredth time! I yell back at him as I could see his eyes narrowing in the mirror.

Honestly, I was too distracted on the brooch to even listen to him but I couldn’t let my little brother know that. This the Red cloak and brooch was given to me by her and I had promised to wear it all of my life.  I hoped she would notice the golden snake that was wrapping around in a around the garnet stone because that was the only brooch that stood from my other cloaks and brooches.

“I don’t believe you. Tell me what’s the plan?” he asks me and I begin to get annoyed.
“Into the forest, over the river, pass the guards, and into the garden behind the sycamore tree.” I quickly explain to get Alex to leave me alone.
“You forgot the details!” he yells at me as I grumble at him.
“Fine, Dammit!” you sound like mother when she was giving birth to you”!” I yell at him as he begins to laugh his but off.
“Well mother doesn’t have the strength to yell at you anymore so I have to.” He says as I hiss at him. “Come on Aran, say it with the details—“
“Alright, alright! I get into the forest with you, find the small boat to go across the river, hide in the shadows against citizens and the guards, go to the right to find the garden and hide behind the Sycamore tree to wait for her to come out.” I say between clench teeth.

All of a sudden, there was a smirk on his face as I knew what was going to happen next.

“Alex, don’t do it.. Don’t--“  but it was already too late as he jumps on me and begins to give me a tight hug while I try to shove him away. “Dammit Alex! Let go of me!”
“I’m so happy, my big brother is growing up so fast.” He says as I hiss at him until he lets go of me and slithers back. “May the goddess Wadjet be in your favor, brother.”
“Let’s just hope so.” I say before we slither out of my room.  

I needed Alex to guild me through the fastest route from my kingdom to my enemy’s kingdom and he suggested that going into the forest was the only way he knew. He points to a small boat with two Nagas with black cloaks were sitting there waiting for us.

As soon as we slither towards the boat, I begin to realize who the two nagas as soon as they pulled back their cloaks. My face begin to pale for I realized that the two nagas were my two best Serpent Warriors, Ian and Seba.

“Yo Aran! Bet you didn’t expect us to be helping you!” he yells as I narrow my eyes at both of them.
“Don’t worry pal, we won’t tell a living soul!” Seba says as I begin to grumble at them.

I knew that these two were going to help me the most because Ian’s ability with water and Seba’s ability with wind could make a half an hour trip on a small boat take only less than five minutes across the Nile River. My gut feelings where kicking me hard for I knew that this was a very bad idea.

“Guys… I have a bad feeling about this…” I say as they begin to laugh.

Seba wraps an arm around my neck as he begins to pull me into the boat. He puts me in a lock to keep me from getting out of the boat as I begin to struggle to get out of his hold.

“Oh come on Aran! You can trust us!” Seba says as I begin to hiss at him. “Ian, make clear of the waters! Set sail to enemy territory!”

With a swing of his free arm, the wind begins to blow onto the back of the boat in an imaginable speed. I finally got out of Seba’s hold on me by flipping him over into the water and Ian couldn’t help but to laugh his head off at the sight of it.

Without Seba in the back, the boat came to a stop which he was pretty lucky it did because we would have left him behind in the water. But this wasn’t over between us as when I extend my hand to pull him into the boat, Seba takes my hand and pulls me into the water while he gets onto the boat.

This hasn’t changed for years, even if we were full grown Nagas for Ian would still be the one who would separate our fights or stand back and make bets on who would win.

“Come on guys, I thought you two grown out of this already. We need to do this quickly and quietly and here you are throwing each other in the water.”
“Hey, don’t look at me. He started first” Seba says while pointing at me.
“The last time I remember, I am still King. So if you’re—“
“Will you to get on with this already! Aran, get your stupid but into the boat and Seba move it!”

As soon as Ian yelled at us, the boat begins to move again with me feeling sick to the stomach. As soon as we reached land, I fumble over onto the desert land while trying to take a breath. I was surprised that my lunch wasn’t coming out of my mouth by that time.

“Remind…me…never…to do… this…again!” I yell at them between breaths as I could hear laughing behind me.

“It wasn’t that bad. See you could trust us.” Seba says as push myself off the ground and dust off the sand from my kilt.
“Come on lover boy, your Queen is waiting” Ian teases me as I turn my head and hiss at him.
“Yeah before someone else does.” Seba adds as I narrow my eyes at them.
“Oh shut up you two!” I hiss at them before leaving them alone to laugh their heads off.

Remember Aran, you have to blend into the city as a human gardener of the Royal Palace. Alex’s words begin to repeat in my mind.

I was lucky to remember about it for I closed my eyes and take in a deep breath before shifting my snake tail into legs, hiding my fangs into my mouth and changing my eyes from snake to human. I open my eyes again before pulling my hood to hide my face as I begin to walk towards the kingdom.

I was fortunate that there were only a few people on the streets as they passed me with ease while I continued to walk toward the Palace.  A few times, I had to hide in the shadows so that the guards would not see me as I continued.

I finally reached the Palace and found the same two guards standing there as I remember two years ago when we were on that journey to fix that stupid staff. I as lucky to find that they were trying to stand straight with their spears giving them support and I figure they were both drunk.

When you get to the entrance, there will be two guards there. Without killing them, find a way to get them away from there so you can wait for her there when she comes out. Alex words repeat again in my head as I begin to grumble.

Here I thought my brother was the weakest and stupidest Naga alive but I was proven wrong again. But even if I had a smart brother, how are you going to expect your own brother, who loves killing, find way to get two guards away from the entrance! Killing them would have been much easier!

The only way I could do this was to knock them into unconsciousness without a sound. Walking towards the guards, they were truly drunk out of their minds as when addressing me their words were slurred with each sound that came from their mouths.

“Hautt, wwwhat businessss do youuu havvvvv?” a guard would ask me and I hide my laugher behind a smile.
“I am here to work in the gardens. I been informed that the Pharaoh was very disappointed to see some of his plants dying and want them to be replaced immediately. If you do not let me pass, he will have you both killed.”  I say with the last sentence being heavy forced on them.

After the last sentence registered into their stupid brain, they immediately straighten their stance in front of me while moving their spears out of my way. I nod at him before walking past them while noticing they were looking out towards nothing.

As soon as they were distracted, I hit my elbows into the back of their heads, causing them to fall to the ground. I turn around to check if any of them where still awake and I was please to find them both unconscious from the impact.

I laugh at the thought of how pathetic was my enemies guards for how easily an enemy of his could just walk into his palace without the knowledge of him there. He may soon find that it would be too late to fight against his enemies for the knife may have pierced into his body and lead him to his death.

Now that that was over, I walk into the garden to find the Sycamore tree that Alex was referring to and there it was standing near the celebration that was happening in the palace. I stand into the shadows of the tree to wait to her and within a few minutes, I saw two people running into the garden as they stop to take breaths of air.

Taking a closer look at who they were, there she was standing near that stupid prince that I knew was her half-brother.  But even if I didn’t like the boy being there, I couldn’t help but to be dumbstruck by the girl who I remembered and loved two years ago.

She was wearing a silver straight dress with her shoulders being covered by a silk shawl. She was wearing a silver and turquoise neck-collar matched with her silver wrist cuffs, hoops and tiara. I knew she was wearing make- up on and that made her even more dazzling but I narrow my eyes at the pathetic prince.

“Hasani, we shouldn’t be here. Father expected me to meet more people—“
“Come on Lin. Don’t tell me you were enjoying yourself around that old fart of a general he is. I was getting frustrated about him touching you in a provocative way. I could tell you wanted to leave and so I help you get out of there.”
“I guess you’re right. Ever since father introduce me to him, he never left my side and was always touching me when I kindly told him not to…” she says almost mumbling as I clench my teeth and having the burning desire to punch that bastard.

“He still touched you even if you told him not to! That’s it, I am going to get in there and punch the living Duat out of him! No one touches my queen!” he says while turning around to walk into the palace while I grip onto the tree trunk tightly.

His queen? There was no chance that I would let him make her before I did. Lin was to be my queen and my queen only. No one was going to take her away from me even if I means I would fight to the death for her.

“Hasani, wait!” she says as she takes one of his arms to stop him. “Please, the last thing father wants is a fight in the palace! Please, for my sake?” she begs him.
“Lin..” he says before sighing and turning around to brush his fingers against her cheek. “ I’m sorry.. it’s just that I am being  a little impatient. I want father to announce our marriage to everyone already and I can’t wait any longer.”  
“It will be a while before that happens brother.”
“Do you not wish the same Lin? Do you not want our marriage to happen already?”

I could see her moving her face to look away from him as I could see a frown on her face. From that action, I knew she didn’t want to become his queen. All of  a sudden, my heart begin to warm from the thought of it as I knew that she still had feelings for me.

“Lin.. what is wrong with you lately? It feels like your trying to avoid me! Is there someone else that you love?” he begins to yell at become frustrated.
“It’s nothing Hasani. You’re just—“
“Answer me this instant woman! Is there someone else you love?” he yells at her again as I begin to ball my hand into a fist.
“I…I..” It was obvious that she couldn’t answer his question and because of this, it had frustrated him to the point of raising his hand to slap her face.

But before he could do so, I moved in a speed of lighting and punched him in the guts to send him into one of the pillars. As soon as his back hit the the pillar the slides down into the ground unconsciously.

I was satisfied with the boy unconscious on the ground but I had forgotten one thing as a tip of a blade was pressed on my back.

“Who are you  and why did you attack my brother?” she asks me in a serious but deadly tone as I quickly moved forward and turn around to see her standing with a dagger in her hand.

There standing in front of me was my long last lover, Lin.

Queen of Serpents (Chapter 3)
I’m sorry it took a while for me to write this due to finals and packing for my cruise trip. But I am glad to have this new laptop so that I can work on my novel more. X3 As an announcement, I won’t be on for a whole week due to the fact that I will be on a cruise ship without internet. But I know I will write at least a few more chapters for you all to enjoy after my vacation is done. Until then, What will happen  next? How will Lin react to Aran being there in the palace? Will it end happily? Find out in the next chapter! x3

Narrator: Aran

Please favorite and comment of you like the story ^w^ it helps me be motivated to keep on writing the story. Thank you!

Previous Chapter:  Queen of Serpents (Chapter 2)
Next Chapter:  Queen of Serpents (Chapter 4)
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 Brown Kitty Hello my serpent readers, this is :iconangel-rki: saying that i am still alive but struggling through life.

I am sorry for not being able to keep up with Queen of Serpents chapters due to the fact that i am dealing with a lot of things in my life currently. As you may know my family is a very abusive family and because of this i can't continue living like this therefore i am planing to move out of my parents house as soon as possible. onion sad 

I have just sacrificed going to college due to them paying for my education and on top of that i been very busy trying to make enough money and save enough money just to be able to rent an apartment. I hope that i can be one day free from my abusive and controlling parents and i hope that you all can understand my situation. Love The Sunshine 

As soon as this all clears up i hope that i can continue to write this great novel for all of you to enjoy. Wish me luck and hope that this will succeed in my end. kaomoji set 1 9/19 

Thank you for supporting me this far on my novels and i couldn't be able to write them without all of you. Because i am walking through a dark tunnel doesn't mean there will be light at the end of it. kaomoji set 2 31/67 


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I am a Vietnamese female who is still experiencing the world of Art and writing and i hope for everyone to also experience that feeling as even if you are lacking the basic skills for i know i am not perfect and I don't try to be because i'm a lot happier being carefree.
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