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February 28


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To be close to the clutches of death was the scariest thing to experience. The pain in my body was so unbearable, I was surprise I didn’t die right there, in the afterlife. Ironic isn’t it.

While I was dying, all I could see was darkness and emptiness as I begin to worry if the serpent demon would take my Ba as part of his growing power. I could feel his presence as he was ordering me to come towards him as I drawing to his words that I couldn’t stop myself from desiring to follow his order.

However, a golden and red light stops me in my path as a god appears in front of me. My Sun God and creator of life, Ra who stands before me as I fall on my knees and bow my head down to the ground in front of him. How many people could have the chance to meet him as I have that time as I knew the answer to that question. It was a rare chance but a promising experience of being in his presence.

“Rise my child.” He orders me as I push myself up from the ground and look at my god.
“It is very fortunate that you are near your death, however it is not your time yet. Listen, listen to the voices calling you my child. They will guild you back into your body. Listen.” He orders me.

I close my eyes and listen with my ears.

“Lin, please don’t die yet, we still need you here. I don’t want to lose my best friend yet. So please don’t die!” Alex begs me.

“You stupid girl! I swear, if you die on me right now, I will find you and I will kill you myself! I made a promise to you that I would have your back and you would have mine! I won’t be able to do that if you are died!” Aran yells at me.

I open my eyes and turn towards the direction of the voices as my body begins to be pull back. I turn towards the Sun God Ra as he closes his eyes and nods at me. I had to ask him my burning question, the question that had been asking myself since this journey began and never had an answer to.

“My god, great and glorious Ra. Why was I chosen to be the one who would save the whole world from the clutches of your enemy?” I boldly ask.

“The answer will come to you when the time is right. For now you must go back into your body and complete your quest that you were chosen to do, my child.” He says as with a wave of his hand, my Ba was thrown back into my body as I open my eyes.

I might have misjudged Aran throughout this whole journey. Somehow I knew he couldn’t be all that bad but I never thought he would spill his own blood for my own life and somehow that made me happy inside. Maybe, he had a change of heart for humans but knowing Aran for this long. It wouldn’t be that easily for him to just switch sides now.

As I look out from the boat as I could see the Hall of Judgment with Jackal statues line up all the way to the large doors that held the forty two trials of negative confections that the soul of the dead had to go through into the hall of judgment. Your stone heart scarab was weight by a scale with the feather of truth on the other end to determine your existence or be completely forgotten. All Egyptians feared of being forgotten in which was the reason this was the  very last trial.

It wasn’t so surprising to see many dead people looking at the boat with awe for it was glowing a golden light just like the sun in the sky. I look at  Duamutef and Qebehsenuef to see them smiling but that did not calm down my nervousness of approaching the gate. My companions and I step down from the boat as the doors open to reveal a god standing there with his arms cross over his chest.

Anubis, the most terrifying god, was the God of Mummification and the guild for the dead on their path through the afterlife. By the look on his face, he was not happy to see us standing there.

Jabari and I went down onto our knees to bow our heads down for the god while Alex and Aran stood back being confused for I figure they did not believe in such a god like Anubis. While Duamutef and Qebehsenuef fall onto one knee in front of the god and bow down to him.

“Duamutef , Qebehsenuef, there is no need for both of you to be here in my presence right now. You my leave.” The god ordered.
“Yes, uncle.” They say as they disappeared in front of us.
“Lin, Jabari, you may rise now.” He orders us next.

Jabari and I get up the ground as I step closer to the god.

“Oh Great God Anubis, I must request something from you that is very important—“ I stop as soon as the god raises his hand in front of me to stop talking.
“I know what you desire child, but I am no fool for giving such an amulet to a human again after the past priest had used it against evil. Therefore I will not give it to you.” he says.
“But I need it with the four other amulets, please reconsider your actions great god Anubis. Without it, I cannot defeat the serpent demon and all of the world will fall in his hands. So please, I beg you and I will do any trial you wish to put upon me.” I say
“How will I trust that you will not use the amulet for your own selfish desires my dear. What trial shall I have for you to prove to me of such am amulet.” He asks me.

I swallowed hard as I knew the only way for me to prove to him that I was speaking the truth was to risk my life and existence for the amulet.

“The trail of weighting the heart.” I respond to his question as the God grins at me while Jabari gasp right beside me and grabs my shoulder so that I could look at him.
“No! Lin, anything but that, please! We almost lost you once and I am not going to lose you again!” he yells at me.
I look into his eyes as I could see the anger and fear in them. “Jabari, there is only one trial that could prove to him that I am speaking truth and justice. That is the weighing of the heart. I do not believe I have done anything bad so I will risk anything and everything for the world.” I respond and he clenches his teeth as I step away from him.
“I am ready for the trial, great Anubis.” I say with confidence.
“Very well then my dear. Let me take you to the Halls of Judgment.” He says as with the wave of his hand, everything around us begins to change as we were standing in the middle of the Hall.

There I saw the god Horus who was looking at me with determination while the god Thoth was busy recording whatever he needed to record.  The God of the Dead, Osiris looks down at me with the crook and flail in his hands as he sits on his throne while the goddess Ma’at stands next to the scale that would determine my heart and the feather was on her headdress.

He walks up to the scale and drops onto one knee as he extends out his hand, waiting for the stone heart scarab. As I knew all eyes were on me as I swallows hard and becoming very nervous being the center of attention.

“Ummm, this maybe a stupid thing to say but, I do not have a scarab with me.” I say
“My child, place a hand on our heart and your scarab will be in your hands.”  The goddess says as she takes the feather from her headdress and places the feather of truth on the scale.

I did as I was told and like the goddess said, the scarab appeared in my hand. It was green as emerald but shaped like a scarab which surprised me very much. Somehow I knew I needed to say something to the scarab as I close my eyes while looking into my heart. The words begin to come out of my mouth as I speak to my stone heart scarab.

“Oh my heart, do not be opposed to me in the tribunal, do not be hostile to me, do not tell lies about me in the presence of the gods.” I say as I place the scarab in his hand and he lays it on the scale.

The scale begins to move at first my scarab begin to be heavier than the feather for I took in a deep breath when I heard growling in the room. I knew where that growling came from for it was the monster that every Egyptian dreaded to encounter in this trail.

Ammut the devour, was a monster that devour the hearts of the wicked for when the stone heart was lighter or heavier than the feather, he would devour the heart as well as the Ba of humans in which their existence would be forgotten forever.

I didn’t let out any breath until the scale determined my truth as it begins to lift up again and as the moment we been waiting for, my heart was of equal weight of the feather in which I could not be any happier with the results.

The goddess smiles at me as Anubis lifts himself off of the ground and walks towards me.

“I, Anubis, God of Mummification and guild for the dead, now believe you are speaking truth of having no desire to use the amulet for evil. You have pass the trial well for my gift to you  is the amulet of Anubis.” He says as he points to me and a ball of light appear in front of me as I extended my hand while an amulet drops in my palms. “My gift to you, chosen one, is perseverance. Let nothing stand in your way as you go on your quest in defeating the serpent demon.” He says as he waves his hand and the larges doors to my right begin to open as bright light shine through them. “Retrieve your stone heart scarab for you may need it when your time comes to be weight once more. For now you may stay in the Blessed Field of Reeds until you are fully rested and can go on to retrieve your next amulet.” He says as I bow down to him.
“Thank you great god Anubis I shall use this amulet for good with the gift you give to me.” I say as I walk up to the scale and take my scarab.

I turn around to see my companions as Jabari runs up to me and hugs me tight as we both laugh. While Alex slithers up to me and pats me on the shoulder while congratulating me on passing the trial.  Aran just stood there with his arms cross over his chest with his head down to cover his face but I knew he was also smiling at me. Sometimes, Aran just sucks at hiding his emotions.

Before I walk into the Field of Reeds, I walk up to Thoth and hand back the Book of the Dead to him.

“I believe this is yours to keep?” I ask
He nods at me as he takes the scroll from my hands. “I will return this to where it belongs now you may leave. I have much more work to do here. Must more things to record.”

He says as I turn around and walk with my companions into the Field of Reeds with a smile on my face.

I am one step closer into defeating the serpent demon I thought to myself.

Wow that took me a while to get out of Writer's block but i did it! x3 i was able to get all the information from watching a video on Youtube called "The Book Of The Dead" it had two parts in it so i watch the whole thing so that i could write you this story. 

If you are interested in watching the video click on this link: The Book Of The Dead (part one) 

Well now that Lin has the next amulet, what amulet will she have to retrieve next? Find out in the next chapter X3

Narrator: Lin

Please favorite and comment of you like the story ^w^ it helps me be motivated to keep on writing the story. Thank you! 

PREVIOUS CHAPTER: Serpent Story 2 (chapter 8) 
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